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Making the Arts Accessible for Children With Autism

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For many parents of children with autism or another learning disability, it's challenging to find activities that their children will enjoy and benefit from. The arts are an excellent way to help your child express themselves while also providing a platform for learning and growth. Today, Dyslexia Services shares some information and advice for getting your child involved in different kinds of arts, such as music, ballroom dancing, painting, and more!

Identifying Strengths

Before you decide which activity is suitable for your child, it's essential to identify their strengths. Do they have an aptitude for music? Are they adept at painting or crafting? Or maybe they could excel in something like ballroom dancing? The Raising Children Network notes that carefully considering the type of activity that best suits your child's personality and abilities is key to setting them up for success. After identifying their strengths, you can start researching the various art forms that might interest them. 

Creating a Multi-Purpose Room

If you want to give your child the opportunity to try various arts without investing too much money into each one individually, consider setting up a multi-purpose room in your home. These Three Rooms points out that you can use this space for painting classes, craft projects, or jam sessions with friends and family members.

You could even turn your multi-purpose room into a dance studio if there's enough space! This room should always have the necessary supplies for whatever kind of art your child chooses so that they'll have quick access to their favorite hobbies whenever they want.

As you create your new space, remember to keep track of all the updates you make. Keep your receipts from the materials and services you purchase so that you can turn them in to your appraiser should you ever sell your home; you might get a higher value!

Becoming a Teacher

As you help your child excel in arts or crafts — whether it’s music, ballroom dancing, or something else — you may want to start teaching other kids how to do it as well. If so, consider starting your own teaching business somewhere down the line. Those who teach children with autism are much needed. There are many other art-related options available, too, including animating, crafting and selling handmade products, and making your own jewelry.

You’ll want to create a detailed business plan that includes your company’s goals and strategies for success. And, of course, you’ll need to craft a unique brand related to your teaching services — which is the fun part!


Helping children with autism get involved in the arts is an excellent way for them to express themselves while developing valuable skills and gaining confidence in the process. By identifying the activities that suit your child best, creating a multi-purpose room in your home, and following the other tips above, you can give your child the opportunity to explore new possibilities within the world of art. And you can strengthen your bond along the way!

By Tanya Lee

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