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Policies, Terms & Conditions

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We aim to provide professional services to parents and children, in our consultations, updating of progress, preparation, and delivery of lessons or coaching, and in every way possible, we aim to give you a good quality of service. 

Our teaching approach is multi-sensory, structured, and progressive with games and activities factored into the lessons.


We guarantee to provide professional and high-quality tutoring sessions, live and on line (as far as possible!)

If there are any concerns or complaints about the standard of tutoring or coaching,  please contact us as soon as possible, in order to work out the best solution for you and your child.  We will do our best to make sure our services are professional and accommodating to each student and family.  Refunds will be considered if standards are not met.

Please contact me on the Contact Form.

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Terms and Conditions

CANCELLATIONS / HOLIDAYS:  Please give at least one week’s notice if you are not able to attend a session, or if you are going on holiday, otherwise missed lessons will still need to be paid for unless there are reasons beyond your control and you were not able to contact me.

TUTOR CANCELLATIONS:   There may be times when the tutor is sick or there is an emergency.  If this happens, we will contact you as soon as possible.  You will not be charged for any cancellations on behalf of the tutor.



CANCELLATIONS – SICKNESS:  Please inform us of your child’s sickness as soon as possible, by text or phone.  If parents give reasonable time (rather than last minute) the lesson will not need to be paid for.



NON-ATTENDANCE & ENDING TUITION:  If a child misses 3 sessions or more in a row, and we are not contacted or informed by parents of what is happening,  we will assume that parents no longer wish to have lessons, and will cancel the child’s place.  If parents wish to end tutoring sessions, please give as much notice as possible for when you intend to finish the tuition sessions, so a place may be made available for other children. 











LATENESS:  If parents & children are attending sessions at the Tutor's home or other location,  please

aim to arrive on time,  and collect on time, as we often have other students following on from your child’s lesson.  If your child is late and we have another child following your child’s,  we may only be able to offer the time allocated to your child’s lesson (unless previous arrangements and changes have been made in advance). 



PAYMENTS:  Payments need to be on time, and consistent, at the end of every week or month.  If there are irregular and consistent lags in payment, we will sadly, need to end the services. 



RELATIONSHIPS & COMMUNICATION:   We aim to be professional in our work practise and ethics, and aim to be friendly, approachable and flexible with parents and children.  We will encourage children and praise them for the work they have done in the lesson, and willing to share the child’s progress with parents, whenever asked or at the end of sessions.  We are also willing to negotiate with parents, schools and teachers, regarding children's IEP’s or  E.H.C.’s that are in place for the child. 


In return, we ask that parents communicate well with us, and are willing to build a good, trusting and open relationship.  We ask that parents assist, encourage and remind their child to do any homework that I may set for them – homework, by the way, is basically re-reading and practising something we have done in the lesson, and may include a game! 

Parents will be asked to sign The Terms and Conditions. 

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