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Frequently Asked Questions

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Q1.   How do I know this will work for my child?


A1.   This will definitely work for you & your child when the child fully participates in the lesson and its activities, including 'Lives' and support.  Progress will be made when your child is motivated and active in their learning.  Your child can go at their own pace, taking steady paces forwards until they become more confident, skilled and accurate in their skills.

Q2.  How much time will my child need to put aside for this? 

A2.  I would suggest that your child puts aside about 40 mins when working online,  but because they are studying from home at their own pace, they can break this up into smaller chunks if needed.  Private lessons are between 45 mins to an hour, but homework would also be set to improve your child's understanding and skills.

Q3.  What if my child can't make enough time in his schedule?  

A3.   I would suggest that you and your child choose a time and day in your week that will fit into your schedule.  Online lessons can be broken into smaller chunks, so can also be spread out over the week and slotted into your own schedule.

Q4.  What help will my child get with this?


A4.  If you or child have any questions,  please feel free to contact me, and I will get back to you with an answer as soon as I can.  Anytime your child gets stuck and needs help, you can contact me personally, and I will make time with you and your child to work through the issue until they feel clear and confident.

Q5.  This is an ongoing investment. How do I know it's safe?  

A5.  We have a guarantee that the teaching will be delivered up to a high standard.  You can ask for a refund/cancel, after the 7-day trial period (for the online tutoring groups), if you are not happy or think that it is not suitable for your child.    

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Q6.  What if I want to cancel lessons?

A6.  If you no longer require the lessons or online course your child has been following, just drop me a line to let me know, and cancel future payments, before the next one is due. 

Unexplained, unattended private lessons will still need to be paid for, however, if you wish to cancel a private lesson(s) due to sickness holidays, or other circumstances,  please let me know in advance, so we can make adjustments.

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