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Read, Write & Spell, Online Dys. Course

Interactive Online Course (self-paced)

  • 1 hour
  • £20 per month
  • Online

Service Description

These programmes are for children within Infant/First School, Junior School range, who are struggling with reading, writing, spelling and comprehension. Children should already recognise most the letters of the alphabet, and know the phonic sounds they make. Children should already know how to blend basic c-v-c words before they begin these lessons. We offer dyslexia tuition using the Reading Simplified approach, in reading, writing and spelling and comprehension. It is multi-sensory and is progressive and structured, including interactive games and activities, and includes, LIVE weekly tuition groups over Zoom. Personal support is also available, you just need to contact me! Personal tuition can be added in, where needed, but please book this separately. Children always enjoy the lessons because they are relaxed, fun and enabling, building children's self-confidence and self-esteem, along with their new-found skills. Your child will progress in their skills and self-confidence within the LIVE group tutorials and online lessons. There is also a community group for you to get to know other learners. Lesson 1: The double ll, ss, & zz Rule Lesson 2: Capital Letters Lesson 3: The C or K. rule Lesson 4: Adding s or es (plurals) Lesson 5: ch and tch words Lesson 6: nch words Lesson 7: Tricky Words Lesson 8: Silent e / a-e, i-e, o-e, u-e Lesson 9: The Long O sound Lesson 10: Long I - i, igh, ie, i-e, & y Lesson 11: oi and oy words Lesson 12: ou and ow words Lesson 13: OO words Lesson 14: or, aw/au and al words Lesson 15: ar words Lesson 16: er, ir, ur, & or words Lesson 17: ai & ay words Lesson 18: ee & ea words Lesson 19: High Frequency Words Lesson 20: ph and gh words Lesson 21: The 'ing'. Suffix Lesson 22: The final 'y' Lesson 23: 'le' word endings Lesson 24: The 'ed' suffix Lesson 25: School Spellings & GCSE subject spellings Lesson 26: Soft C & G words Lesson 27: ei and ie words Lesson 28: When 'a' says 'o' Lesson 29: Prefixes Lesson 30: Suffixes Lesson 31: Silent Letters Lesson 32: Apostrophes of Contraction & Possession Lesson 33: The 'er' suffix Lesson 34: Homophones Lesson 35: air, are, ear, ere words Tuition support and advice is available for your child, including resources and games. Please contact me for details.

Contact Details


Edwin Crescent, Bromsgrove, UK

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