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Online Tuition Groups


  • 1 hour
  • 1,000 British pounds
  • Online

Service Description

These programmes are for children within First School, Middle School to High School range (who are struggling with reading, writing and spelling). We offer an online multi-sensory, structured, reading, writing and spelling group programme which includes interactive games and activities, with LIVE tuition groups, which are tailored and structured to your child's special educational needs. Children always enjoy the lessons because they are relaxed, fun and enabling. Your child will progress in their skills and self-confidence within the LIVE group tutorials and online lessons. There is also a community group for you to get to know other learners. We specialise in English, phonics, spelling, reading & writing, grammar, and study skills, for dyslexic children and teenagers, with specific learning needs. Your child will begin to read, write and spell and will grow in their confidence and skills. Grammar and punctuation tutoring is also offered as a separate package, but some aspects of grammar etc would be integrated into the phonics programme, plus a Study Skills and Writing Package to help High School children to prepare for their exams.

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