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Best Price



Private tuition (face-to-face and ongoing) £30 per lesson, to be paid in advance, per month.  


Any additional services, e.g. letters, reports, or visits to school etc, are also £30 per hour.



Private & dyslexia (ongoing) online lessons are £30.00 per lesson, to be paid in advance, per month.


Small, specialized, group tuition is approximately £20 to £25 per lesson, to be paid in advance (approximately 10-12 lessons, per block of lessons).  Lessons include reading, writing & spelling, OR grammar, comprehension, and punctuation.


Individual Coaching for children who suffer from anxiety, lack of confidence, etc, and other difficulties, is £60 for a 45-minute session.



We aim to provide professional services to parents and children, in our consultations, updating of progress, planning, preparation, and delivery of lessons or coaching, in our style and manner and in every way possible to give you a good quality of service. 

Our teaching approach is multi-sensory, structured, and progressive with games and activities factored into the lessons.


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Due to the ongoing Coronavirus, if your child or a member of the family is sick with this virus, please phone or text to cancel the session as soon as possible.


If your child is sick with any other sickness, please also phone to cancel the lesson as soon as possible.  Lessons can be rearranged if your child is sick.


We would also ask, during this pandemic, that children are regularly tested (school-educated and home-schooled children) and that the environment we will work in is disinfected beforehand.

There may be times when the government advises pupils and teachers to wear masks during lessons; if so, we would ask that this procedure be followed unless there is a medical exemption.

There may also be times when the government closes schools and asks all teaching to be online.  If so,  we can accommodate online teaching via Zoom.  

If for any reason, your tutor is sick, or on holiday, or unable to teach a session for any reason, parents will be contacted as soon as possible to rearrange lessons. 

If you and/or your child are due to go on holiday, or you want to take a break during the school holidays,  please let us know as soon as possible, so lessons can be rearranged.  



If there are any concerns or complaints concerning tutoring or coaching,  please contact us as soon as possible in order to work out the best solution for you and your child.  We will do our best to make sure our services are professional and accommodating to each student and family.